What Sets Us Apart?

In other words, why climb at Friction??

We are Teachers

We have taught in a variety of settings for over 15 years. Finding ways to speak to individuals and ensure that everyone is having fun and comprehending the skills needed for tasks or situations is at our core. We know how powerful knowledge is and how important it is to learn. 

We may be teachers but we are also life long learners. Every person and every opportunity provides us with a chance to increase our brain strength.


Developing new skills takes time and patience - we are here to help guide you in your climbing adventures no matter what they may be. 

We are Community

Chances are you have seen us around town . . . at Fred Meyer getting groceries, in Home Depot loading up project materials, listening to music at Freebridge, in the schools (we may have been your teacher), at Gorge Roller Derby, walking the dogs, paddling the river, climbing at Horsetheif, shopping at Goodwill, or drinking coffee at Kainos.

We live here, work here and play here.


This is our home and you are our neighbors, coworkers, adventure buddies, students, and friends.

We love the Gorge and appreciate the amazing community that surrounds us.

We have Fun

Our mantra is to always find fun in what we do. We believe in looking at the positives.

Working, playing, existing should incorporate aspects of fun. Otherwise, what is the point?!?

Challenges are a way we can increase our ability to navigate our world, which is fun.

A tricky problem to solve, that is fun.

A community of like minded humans with a vast array of experience, also fun.

Come join us and have fun too!