A little bit about us

Imagine a single destination that could reduce stress, boost your mood, improve self-confidence, prevent cognitive decline, alleviate anxiety, stimulate the power of your brain, sharpen your memory, help control addiction, increase relaxation, foster productivity, tap into creativity, bond families and community members, and inspire others in a positive manner . . . now imagine this place in The Columbia River Gorge. Friction Rock Gym (FRG) will inspire The Columbia Gorge to be at the forefront of happiness, healthiness, and overall community unity.

Friction Rock Gym is a standard and well equipped indoor bouldering gym facility that will be located in a growing community in The Dalles, OR. Our basic aim of setting up the business is to contribute to the community in a positive and empowering manner which ensures residents and families who live in The Columbia River Gorge have an indoor bouldering gym facility for their children to have safe and clean, fun and also to open a facility highly suitable for community recreation and bonding.

We are committed to nurturing the play, imagination and early learning in children while providing a clean safe environment for children and adults alike to explore and have fun in a positive and challenging manner. Keeping the community both physically and mentally fit will provide residents of The Columbia River Gorge a lifetime of positive impacts. Climbing instills balance, perseverance, focus, determination and trust, not only in oneself but in others. Providing an outlet for these life long skills to be fostered and developed is what Friction Rock Gym aims to accomplish.


Our major aim of starting Friction Rock Gym is to encourage families in the community to cultivate the habit of regularly taking their kids out to have fun that engages the physical, mental and emotional growth of individuals. Our indoor wall/rock climbing facility is specifically designed and built to support children as well as adults.